Re: [OM] Fangette of Nahobjektiv

Subject: Re: [OM] Fangette of Nahobjektiv
From: "Walt Wayman" <hiwayman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 14:18:42 -0500
Going to a nearby non-Wolf/non-Ritz camera store to pick up the 
prints from the roll of Fuji NPS I ran through the new-to-me OM-3 
to make sure it worked as good as it looked, I killed time 
prowling through the bargain bins while the lone employee 
patiently tried to explain to some dipsy woman why her P&S toy's 
puny flash failed to correctly expose all of Turner Field during a 
nighttime Braves game.  I guess she's just now finished the roll.

In any event, I was finding absolutely nothing of interest until I 
spied one of those square plastic B&W filter boxes amongst a bin 
of junk filters.  So, naturally, I pulled it out, and, lo and 
behold, complete with instruction sheet and the little wrench for 
use if you screw it in too tightly, was this weird sort of filter-
looking object engraved around the perimeter "Olympus OM System 
Zuiko 80 Macro Close-Up f=170mm."  Because I already have the 65-
116 telescopic auto extension tube and the 80/4 Zuiko macro lens, 
I actually knew what it was and was more than happy to rescue it 
from the $2 bin.

For those who don't know (or care) and to save the curious a 
search of the esif, this auxiliary lens extends the range of the 
80/4 from 1X to 2X.  New, they're about $80, so while certainly 
not a major Fang, it's at least a Fang, Jr., or a Fangette.  I'm 
still keeping an eye out for the $50 350/2.8.

And, by the way, the OM-3 works just fine, thank you.  Am I living 
right or what?  :-)

Walt Wayman



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