Re: [OM] On the shores of James Bay

Subject: Re: [OM] On the shores of James Bay
From: AG Schnozz <agschnozz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 10:31:11 -0800 (PST)

First of all, welcome to the list and to your potential lifelong
obcession of photography and astronomy.

By the time I was eight I knew that I was going to be a
photographer when I grew up.  Took many years and lots of work
to build up a decent kit.  Never was very rich, but always
poured every possible dime into cameras, film and bicycles.

The 35/2.8 is a wonderful lens.  In wide angles, I've own/owned
two 35/2.8 (current one is the result of the generosity of a
fellow list member), a 28/3.5 which was OK, but not
earth-shaking, and a 24/2.8.  Overall, you will find that any of
the three will be ok, but I have always found the 35/2.8 to be
the best all around wide angle lens.  It is sharp, contrasty,
easy to use and is just comfortable.  Kinda like a good pair of
Nikes. The 24/2.8 is very useful and has that extra width that
you always seem to need.

When I was a teenager I was shooting with a couple of Yashica
rangefinder cameras.  Had the accessary lenses to give me focal
lengths of around 28mm, 45mm, and 80mm.  While going to college
and working multiple part-time jobs I bought an "almost new"
OM-2S.  This camera would have been brand new, except the
previous owner had lost his job right after buying a huge kit
and sold everything back to the store at a huge discount.  It
had been only a month or so.  Saved more than a hundred dollars.

The very first lens I got with the camera was my 100/2.8.  The
next week, with my next paycheck, I bought a 35/2.8.  These two
lenses served me very well for a while.  I picked up another
part-time job (total of three or four) working at a camera
store/photo lab.  For the next four years I never saw a single
paycheck from that place.  I was able to pick up a lot of
equipment at "cost".  I bought and sold lots of lenses and most
importantly, picked up a mammoth brick of film.

Although, it is parttime, I am a working professional.  Have
been since 1989.  I've adjusted my camera kit through the years
to what is most important and effective for me.  It is
relatively complete, but have always desired a high-quality
300/2.8.  Someday...

You can get away with very little equipment, and you will
"upgrade" as you go along.  Don't get obcessed with quantity of
equipment.  I've only got the 24, 35, 50, 100, 135 and 200
lenses.  Mine are also of the "older variety".  Until somebody
gifted me with a couple of lenses, I only had the 24, 50, 100
and 200.  Of course, I've owned lots of different and nice
lenses through the years but have narrowed my selection down to
just what is important to me.  At this point, I would try to
avoid duplications and learn how to use what you have to the
very most.

We like to kid about my being a retro-grouch with lenses, but it
has been a matter of priorities for me.  I would rather have a
chrome-rimmed, single-coated (oldest variety of Zuikos) lens
than none at all.  There is nothing wrong with them and the
improvements with the newer MC varieties is marginal.

I missed what area of northern Ontario you live in. My best
friend and I are planning another He-Man adventure and we have
it narrowed down to backpacking on Isle Royal, canoeing the
boundary waters, backpacking in Pukaskwa National Park or
heading up to James Bay.  Being from Michigan, it has always
loomed large in our minds.

Olympus List Members are an unusual group. There are some VERY
generous people out there.  I've struck up good friendships with
several people and have been blessed to know them.  You never
know when somebody might pop you an email and ask you if you'd
like whatever it is that they have a spare of.  The only thing
I've ever heard anybody expect in return is a "thank you".  If
your parents get concerned about your "email friends"--as well
they should, have them log on for a few days so they can
experience our craziness too.  There is something about
collectors and users of "obsolete" equipment that brings out
friendships.  The nasty people don't last long here.

AG-(Ken N.)-Schnozz

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