Re: [OM] Two 8mms on ebay

Subject: Re: [OM] Two 8mms on ebay
From: Jim Brokaw <jbrokaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 14:21:36 -0800
on 2/1/02 5:19 PM, Paul D. Farrar at farrar@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Now there's another for sale.
> Paul

I wonder what is going on here...? I watch e*ay; and for months there have
not been any 8mm fisheyes... in over a year probably only two that I can
remember have been up for sale. Now two at once...!? Pity there isn't a
busted one up for auction. I still need the rear two elements for the 8mm I
have... NLA from Olympus. I called the Nippon Photo Clinic mentioned in one
of the auctions. Nice fellow but he has no parts... he did think that my
speculation that someone, somewhere has an 8mm with a busted front element
seemed possible, if only I can find that person (and get the last two rear

Jim Brokaw
OM-1's, -2's, -4's, (no -3's yet) and no OM-oney... 

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