[OM] Need advice on shooting portraits -- multiple T32s or Tungsten w/So

Subject: [OM] Need advice on shooting portraits -- multiple T32s or Tungsten w/Softboxes?
From: Craig Cunningham <craig.cunningham@xxxxxxx>
Date: 3 Feb 2002 22:49:45 CST

I've been attending a studio lighting class, and although the teacher is
great, it turns out the focus is on product photographer (teacher photographs
jewelry, cosmetics, appliances, etc. for a major department store's weekly
catalogs). He's happy to give advice on both strobe and hot lights (continuous
tungsten 3200k) -- but as a hobbiest, I've got a budget, and even less

I have an OM-1n and OM-2n with the Bounce Grip-2, a couple of T32 flashes, and
3 or 4 TTL cords, TTL multi-connector etc. I also have a couple of Photoflex
Litedisc reflectors.

I've done a little experimenting with very limited success, and I've come to
absolutely hate calculating GN numbers, distances, etc. Is it realistic to use
2 or 3 of the T32's with Neutral Density filters and/or bounced into a
reflector and relying on the OM-2n's OTF to get good results?

I'd be willing to get another T32 if needed, but I'm looking for some feedback
from the list to provide me with knowledge based on actual experience. 

Otherwise, I'm tempted to go with saving my money for two of the Photoflex
Starlite kits (3200k continuous lighting with softboxes) since I'll be able to
"see" what I'm getting before I press the shutter, instead of lots and lots of
bracketing followed up by impatiently waiting for the E-6 to get processed to
see if I actually guessed right.

Any suggestions?

 - Craig

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