Re: [OM] On the shores of James Bay

Subject: Re: [OM] On the shores of James Bay
From: Henrik Dahl <hdahl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 00:43:12 +0100
I'm not in any way disagreeing, but if Josh is only half as poor (!) as I
was as a student, maybe two bodies is a little hefty. Somewhere deep beyond
our Zuikoholic haze we probably all know that "The Picture" is not to be
found in a particular body or lens or type of film, but rather in that
so-hard-to-catch-once-in-a-lifetime moment we all long to stumble over. And
in the boring word practice. I find myself (but I might be exceptionally
slow) after many years of photography still going back to the OM-1 50/1.8
basic setup - just to relearn. My advice to Josh would be to learn slowly
but thoroughly, and to spend his students cash on a lot of B/W film rather
than on equipment.

Another 2, well spent, cents ;-)
Henrik Dahl

> Josh
> Personally, I'd be a little lost with just one camera body if it was
> loaded with B&W film. I have several (not all slr's), but keep only one
> loaded with B&W, and that is with Portra400BW today. I like having
> choices of film almost as much as choices of lenses, and this
> practically requires another body (which are as cheap as another lens).
> I just reviewed right now, and have loaded Elitechrome 100s, Kodachrome
> 64, Kodak Gold400, Kodak Gold100, Portra 160NC as well as the B&W. I
> still have a few empty cameras should I want to put in something else
> which I keep on hand in the refrigerator. Obviously, you don't need that
> much choice. But just a suggestion, but you might want to explore having
> choices of film to shoot as well as choices of lens perspectives when
> the photo moment comes. B&W is nice, but our world is in color.
> Wayne

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