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Subject: Re: [OM] L-5
From: "Per Nordenberg" <per.nordenberg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 13:06:20 +0100
> Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 18:36:31 +0100
> From: "Hans van Veluwen" <hcvanveluwen@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [OM] L-5
> : L-5 macro set
> : 63,000 yen
> : released 1 March 2002
> :
> : 28 - 140 mm zoom f4.9 - 6.9
> : 4s - 1/2000s (auto)
> : 60s - 1/2000s (manual)
> : GN13(wide) + GN20(tele) flash
> : Close up to 60cm in macro mode, up to 20 cm with macro converter
> : 655 grams
> :
> : Japanese info is available at
> : http://www.olympus.co.jp
> :
> : are you a little happy?
> Only a little. I would be very happy if it had an 28-180mm lens, GN 20/28,
> 1/250 flash synch, 4 fps drive, viewfinder illuminator, multiple AF points,
> multi-spot aka all the things I'm missing in the iS-3000. But maybe it'll
> all be implemented in the L-4 ;)
> hnz

Really Hans, this must be the best iS news for at least three years. Myself I'm 
very happy
to see this new iS model. I had almost given up all hope to see the appearance 
of a
completely new iS model, especially after the introduction of the latest iS-21 
turned out to be nothing but a hybrid model w/o any new features whatsoever 
(the only
interesting seems to be the price). I admit there seem to be a few drawbacks 
also with the
new iS-5000, like the GN 13/20 flash [less powerful than the built-in flash of 
both the
iS-3(000) and iS-30(0)], the 1.2 frames per second continuous shooting, the 
limited ±2 EV exposure compensation (compared to the ±4 EV compensation in the 
advanced iS
line), the F4.9~6.9 lens speed (which is slower than the F4.5~5.6 lens speed of 
all other
iS models), the somewhat limited film speed range (same as the simple iS 
models), and the
absence of a flash shoe for the optional G40 flash. But look at the size and 
weight! In
this regard the iS-5000 is comparable to the iS-30(0).

I see this new iS-5000 as a further development of the simple line, 
incorporating many
exclusive features from the advanced line. It's really a "simple" iS model with 
aperture preferred AE, shutter-speed-preferred AE as well as full manual 
exposure control,
a zoom lens with a 140 mm tele range (at least eliminating the need for 
anything but the
C-210 1.9x converter), an ED lens element, super FP full synchro flash 
activated also in
Aperture-Preferred AE, Shutter-Speed-Preferred AE and Manual modes, improved 
with aperture and shutter speed indicator, and an improved illuminated LCD 
panel (only
present in the Centurion APS model earlier). IIRC Hans you've always said you'd 
want the
iS-3000 zoom to start at 28 mm (there by eliminating the need for wide 
converters), even
if it meant that the tele range would be limited to 140/150 mm? If only Oly had 
used the
soft red AF illuminating light of the advanced line...

Btw, does anyone know how does the iS-5000 introduction price of 63,000 yen 
compare to the
1999 introduction price of the iS-30(0)/L-30?


Per Nordenberg

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