[OM] XA questions

Subject: [OM] XA questions
From: "Robert R. Gries" <rgg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 08:40:32 -0600
I have been looking for a good pocket camera, and hear quite a bit of
conversation about the XA.  I have seen one in a shop, and it does seem
quite nice.  I particularly like the manual focus, but at 0.85m min.
focus, isn't that a bit distant?

I understand that the lens is rather sharp - any reactions?  I wouldn't
mind getting a Rollei, but maybe that is a bit too old-fashioned for me.
What about the Minox?  Any experience?

Flash might become an issue in the future, but I am looking for the
basic RF that I can hand hold for long exposures.  Of the different
flashes, which one is the best? A16? A11?  Are other cameras better
because they have a hot shoe?

So many questions, so few lines...

Bob Gries

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