Re: [OM] T-10 power source

Subject: Re: [OM] T-10 power source
From: "Hans van Veluwen" <hcvanveluwen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 09:30:40 +0100
: Just a warning to the use of cheap non regulated AC-DC adapter, if the
: loading is not high enough the open voltage could be much higher than
: rated 6V. For incandescent bulb the life time will be greatly affected
: even the current is 10 0gher than normal.

That's right; I've been experimenting with some adapters and the
non-regulated sometimes put out 9V instead of the 6V they were supposed to
give! Most of them are not powerful enough either to feed the modelling
lights of both heads of the T28 twin (that's where I needed it for). I'm
still getting the best results for both heads with the adapter of my Zip
drive, which outputs a very stable 5V, 1A.


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