RE: [OM] XA questions

Subject: RE: [OM] XA questions
From: "Wayne Harridge" <wayneharridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 20:17:01 +1100
> On the subject of XA's, I got a free one someone threw in with an OM
> purchase a while back. But it has a problem with the rangefinder being
> 'loose ??'. If you tip it up and tap the winder end into your palm
> lightly, it's focus is way off. However, if you tap the flash end of the
> camera into your palm lightly, it focuses right on. Anyone had a problem
> like this, or experience fixing this? I can guess the distance by
> looking at the numbers and get pretty good results, likely because of
> the wide angle (especially stopped down some). Or if I remember to tap
> it the right way... But I'd like to "tighten up" whatevers loose if I
> knew where to start.  Wayne

The XA-2 gets pretty good results with just 3 click stopped distance


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