RE: [OM] Test & introduction

Subject: RE: [OM] Test & introduction
From: Wayne Shumaker <shumaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 15:39:21 -0500
At 02:46 AM 2/8/2002 -0800, Tris wrote:
>That extra little bit of speed you get from the f/1.2, though, isn't
>what that lens is about. In fact, it is a completely different lens
>from the other two, certainly in terms of design and, I believe, in

Agree, the 50/1.2 is a different lens altogether. I also think the
50/1.4 SN<1,000,000 is quite different than the 50/1.4 SN>1,000,000.
Perhaps we are splitting hairs. I will have to try them all out on
suitable subjects. Now I have a project for myself. I would even opt
for another 50mm ADITL shoot.

Wayne (who is way over posting quota now)

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