[OM] Purchasing money orders from banks

Subject: [OM] Purchasing money orders from banks
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 10:25:18 +1300
Hi Fellow Zuiks,

I've extracted what I wanted from the last digest and deleted it; so I can't 
respond directly to whoever made the specific point.

Maybe I tend to get a little aggressive in my older age, or less tolerant of 
(Especially from our politicians <g>)

Now that I know that money orders are available, including international 
money orders, I think I would ask the questions differently from the example 

I would NOT ask "Do you sell money orders?" .

That's just asking for the convenient BS answer you got.

I would just say " I want to buy an international money order please".

And if the BS answer came back that they don't sell them, say something 
like " THat can't be right, every bank sells them. Can I speak to somebody 
who is up-to-date with the system?"  Or "Can I speak to a supervisor please "

And keep on until I took it as far as I could.

Reminds me.

My favourite processing lab has an Agfa digital enlarger. I find that at this 
stage, while everything is sparkly clean, it gives great prints. Sharper than 
the usual lens enlarger, and good colour. So I asked before Xmas if they did 
prints from slides, and what would they cost.

Yep, just after Xmas when things quietened a but, they would install the 
software they had just bought for that purpose, and the price would be about 
the same as printing from negatives.

So at  the end of January I asked how it was going and they said that Agfa, 
who must have known, had omitted to include with the upgrade, the plastic 
or whatever frames / channels to feed the slides into the machine. They 
hadn't heard back for a few weeks and thought it could be 6 weeks or so ...

More BS I thought to myself. So I waited another week and asked again. No; 
the plastic probably had to come via Australia, and wasn't here yet.

So I searched for and found the Oceania Agfa web site and hunted until I 
found their feedback page. I told them that I was a client of one of their 
customers and explained the problem. I then went on to explain what I 
thought about their customer service, and suggest they find the person 
responsible for sorting out this order, mount them on a rocket, and light the 

Couple of days ago I phoned PVI and asked if they had any progress on the 
slide printing thing. Yes, they now had the slide carrier, it had just arrived; 
but now they found they needed a chip - and it had to come from Germany 
... ... ... ... 

Progress, nevertheless. I can't abide BS.


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