[OM] OT - Direct transfer, was PayPal etc...

Subject: [OM] OT - Direct transfer, was PayPal etc...
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:03:49 +1300
Hi folks,

I agree with a lot of what Chris wrote on this.

I have found Dutch banks hopeless with Mastercard. And in 1990 on one 
occasion they managed to extract the same large amount from my account 
twice, which caused me no end of bother later on into my trip. Actually, the 
ordinary banks in Hilversum would not even deal with MC; I had to go to a 
little office sitting on its own looking for all the world like a stranded 
container beside the railway line, to do my MC withdrawals. GIRO, on the 
other hand has an excellent reputation locally. And I had been sending my 
family money during the previous 3 months using Bank cheques, thinking 
that would be quickest and more certain. Not a bit of it. They would not pay 
out until the cheque had been sent back to New Zealand and verified here 
before paying out in Holland. Took about 3 weeks minimum, and caused the 
family quite some hardship.

Last year I purchased an expensive lens from Denmark, and paid then by 
wire transfer direct into their bank account; that cost $NZ15 (about $US 6.25) 
which I thought was expensive. It was virtually instantaneous. The teller did 
while I watched. 

Registered mail from here costs the same, but for some reason I cannot 
understand, they instruct that money, valuables and valuable documents 
should not be sent registered mail.. I mean; why else would you use the 
service ?? 

As a buyer on eBay, I find PayPal fine because most sellers do not have an 
MC seller account but this operates just as fast and certainly.


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