Re: [OM] PO zapping mail, follow up

Subject: Re: [OM] PO zapping mail, follow up
From: "M. Lloyd" <royer007@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:02:02 -0800 (PST)
whoo boy! Seems some eco-freaks are spreading
disinformation again. The radiation used in
irradiation is a cousin to light. It is a ray that can
do massive damage to you or germs when you are
directly exposed, but like light when the ray is
blocked or turned off its gone and there is no
residue. The dangerous stuff is called alpha and beta
and neutron radiation. These are actual particles that
last in the atmosphere, but can be blocked very
easily. Mail is just exposed very briefly to a source
of gamma radiation which kills the germs (or destroys
the film). Nothing even remotely radioactive is left
by the process. So whatever is making these guys sick
its not radiation poisoning.

Mark Lloyd

--- Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >As a follow-up to this follow-up, there was an
> article in the news I 
> >think yesterday or Friday that said 57 Hart Senate
> office building 
> >workers and 87 postal workers have mysterious
> illness symptoms that 
> >they are linking to handling the irradiated mail.
> Seems the mail is 
> >irradiated, then sent to another postal facility
> before it gets sent 
> >to Washington.
> >
> >George S.
> >
> >watershed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> >
> >>I tried posting this while my email was screwed up
> and it didn't show up
> >>in the digest so i assume it didn't get
> distributed. Anyway, I happened
> >>to be talking to the local postmaster and asked
> her about the PO
> >>irradiating the mail. She didn't think they were
> doing it and gave me
> >>this # to call to find out for sure.
> (800-275-8777) According to this
> >>source only the mail to certain 20xxx zips are
> being zapped. These are
> >>government zips. Also "suspicious" packages are
> being zapped but this is
> >>only very occasionally. So I guess our film is
> safe for now.
> >>
> >>Mike
> Since the irradiation leaves no residue or residual
> radiation this 
> seems to be a hysterical illness based on bad
> information.
> -- 
> Winsor Crosby
> Long Beach, California
> ?

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