Re: [OM] Ultimate Ballhead

Subject: Re: [OM] Ultimate Ballhead
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:24:33 -0800
Warranties are funny to me. Currently the longest car warranty is the 10 years on a Hyundai which is trying to show they have fixed their reliability problems. Previously Chrysler offered the first 5 year warranty for the same reason. Hopefully people who buy Hyundais because of their warranty will fare better than Chrysler customers. Before that Japanese cars were offered with rather paltry warranties, but their reputation for reliability enabled them to take more and more market share away from relatively unreliable American makes with better warranties. I have never had to replace a Craftsman tool and would continue to buy them without a warranty because they are reasonably priced and obviously well made. A warranty on something as simple as a tripod or ballhead whose quality is apparent seems to me about as useful as a warranty on a well made tool.
Winsor Crosby
Long Beach, California


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