RE: [OM] FW: [SBIG] New image sensor - Foveon

Subject: RE: [OM] FW: [SBIG] New image sensor - Foveon
From: "James N. McBride" <jnmcbr@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:29:44 -0700
Foveon sells some very high-end digital equipment. I was looking at one of
their studio cameras that cost about $50,000 US.  /jim
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  Subject: [OM] FW: [SBIG] New image sensor - Foveon

  Thought you guys might be interested in this.   Looks like Sigma will have
a digital camera?

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  A new kind of image sensor has been announced by a company called Foveon
  that captures each color in a single pixel - no filters as we use in CCD
  imaging and no matrix as is used in color cameras.  It looks fascinating
  some folks are seriously excited about it.  See
  for some details.  It was interesting to note that one of the chip
  geometries is 2304 x 1536 x 9 micron in a 25.5 mm diagonal chip.  I wonder
  what the Q.E. is?


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