Re: [OM] Ultimate Ballhead

Subject: Re: [OM] Ultimate Ballhead
From: Wayne Culberson <waynecul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:11:00 -0400
> "James N. McBride" wrote

>Ha.... After that much activity if your body is still intact the hat, >or
>something, must have done its job. /jim

Oops, didn't mean it to sound like that. That travel is spread over
quite a few years. Being of red complexion, I sunburn under a forty watt
lightbulb, so the hat goes with me most of the time. Actually I'm not a
very active person, and could easily join the "portly bearded male"
club, but can't get permission from my wife for the beard. Was out
around the coast here shooting a few frames yesterday, but I never got
out of the seat of the Tracker, just roll down the window and shoot.
On the Tilley hats, you pay for them all on the first one, after that
they're free, maybe, if they're still in business... My old one went in
the mail for warranty today, so we'll see.

OM CONTENT (almost)
To the subject of ballheads, I've never had one, always used the awkward
pan head that came on the tripods. This ultimate one is a 'little' out
of my price range. Any suggestions on what's the cheapest 'good' one, to
be used with 35mm only [read small light OM, no winder :-) ], for macro
work in the field. I'd like to start watching eb*y, or find a member who
wants to get rid of one. 

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