[OM] De Plan !

Subject: [OM] De Plan !
From: "Jon Mitchell" <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 00:01:28 -0000
Most of this stuff will stay in
our luxurious stateroom and only be used as I sit in my deck
chair, fully satiated from the gourmet repast I have just enjoyed
in the dining room, after-dinner libation in hand, with the camera
and lens resting securely on the railing of our private veranda as
our newly-commissioned 91,000-ton Celebrity luxury liner glides
past magnificent mountain ranges, verdant forests, gigantic
icebergs, playful whales, soaring eagles, and other wondrous
sights as we wend our way southward from Seward to Vancouver.

OK, so now I'm jealous.  Really jealous.  Of course, we all admire the OM
gear being taken, but that sounds like one fine vacation.

And to rub it in even further, my parents are off on a cruise next month,
starting in Manaus and following the Amazon to the sea, then continuing on
to Southampton stopping at a few other places on the way.  My father will,
of course, be taking his OM-1, his 50/1.4 (which I informed him was a
silvernose - he had never taken the UV Filter off !!), a 28-70 (Tokina I
think), and a Vivitar 70-205 with 2x teleconverter.

There, I knew I'd get some OM content of my own in there somewhere.  Just
seems everyone is going on some excellent holidays at the moment except me


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