[OM] Need help w/Winder 2, QUICKLY!

Subject: [OM] Need help w/Winder 2, QUICKLY!
From: Andrea <pdxgirl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:57:50 -0800
Hi fellow Zuiks,
I'm feeling stupid about this, but I bought a Winder 2 on eBay some time ago, 
and now that I'm leaving for the Olympics tomorrow, the damn thing doesn't 
work.  I know, I know - its not exactly the time to be trying out equipment I 
should have tested long ago, but the thing LOOKED ok when I got it.  When I put 
it on my 2SP, nothing happens.  I've tried it on single and sequence and still 
Program, Auto, Manual - nothing.  I cleaned the contacts I could find to no 
avail.  Any and all suggestions are welcome at this point.  What should happen 
if I have film in the camera, fresh batteries (loaded the right way, I checked) 
and I hook up the winder?  Shouldn't I be able to push the button and have it 
fire off frames in sequence?

Andrea, freakin' out in Portland

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