[OM] Re: Difference between the OM4T and the OM4Ti

Subject: [OM] Re: Difference between the OM4T and the OM4Ti
From: Stephen Scharf <scharfsj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 23:59:41 -0800
Hi fellow Zuiks and Zuikettes:

Was just perusing the KEH site in a fit of Zuikokholism, and noticed they had a few OM4 T's.
How is this different from the OM4Ti? Or is it?

Another question: I went down to Laguna Seca last weekend to shoot the Indy (CART) cars in practice (& met up with Mike Veglia, as well!). I shot Provia 100 with my new 200mm Zuiko (or 400 with the 2X-A convertor) using my OM-1 and I got some *really* nice slides. I want to get about 50 or so of them scanned for uploading for review. Unfortunately, my attempts at getting my slides scanned this week at work failed dismally, so it looks like a film scanner will be in my future.

What do you folks like in the way of a slide/film scanner? I was thinking of the Canon Canoscan F-4000 or 2710. Any recommendations? I use a beige PowerMac G3/366 with a third party Keyspan USB card, so any recommendations you guys might have will have to work with that USB card (I've heard problems with the Nikon Coolscan IV ED, for example, not working well with 3rd party USB cards on PowerMacs). I am looking to spend in the $400 to $850 price range.

Mike (Veglia):
I am going to get my CART Sneak preview slides from Laguna last weekend professionally scanned tomorrow, so I will have some stuff to show you fairly soon.

Wish I was going up for that FOCA job, though!



2001 CBR600F4i - Fantastic!

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