Re: [OM] pics of fall colors

Subject: Re: [OM] pics of fall colors
From: "Wayne Culberson" <waynecul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 08:50:17 -0400
I used to have a pilots license back in the late 70's, but never got beyond
the single engine Cherokee 180. Like photography, it was a hobby for me, and
I ran out of money fot it when the gas prices shot up in the late 70's. But
I always tried to stay well above where I would get surprised by a tall tree
The wire fence is a grave yard fence, almost directly across the road from
my house. I don't care for it either, but it is hard to move the tree or the
graveyard :-) You can see the marker stones in the background.
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Subject: Re: [OM] pics of fall colors

Thanks for sharing your photos Wayne.  You have gone out and taken
photos of the colours of Autumn whereas I have been too busy but to
look - and we have had some gorgeous colours in England and Wales this
Autumn (I have not been to Scotland or Ireland this Autumn).

At first the colours looked all too washed out, so I have changed the
Gamma on my monitor to 2.2 and the colour temperature to 6500K to
apprecuate them better.

The colours of the leaves are lovely and I like the leaves on bark.
However, the pretty tree has a wire fence at its foot which detracts
from the overall effect.  Likewise, the skeletal trees reflected in the
lake are not interesting for me - reminds me of flying over Canada
where the burnt out trees would reach above the general canopy and
threaten low flying aircraft ;-)

Your 2 sunset shots are nicely done, especially the one with the sun.
You make me wish that I had stopped to capture the 2 beautiful sunsets
that I have merely driven by, as it were...



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