Re: [OM] traveling to HYD (time zone GMT+5.30 :) )

Subject: Re: [OM] traveling to HYD (time zone GMT+5.30 :) )
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:40:05 -0800

On Tuesday, November 11, 2003, at 03:05 PM, Siddiq wrote:

ok, i'll be heading to a place i was born in, but not lived, this dec-jan for about 3 wks. last time i went was 17 yrs ago :) anyway, the OM complement shall include two OM1n bodies (i've decided against swapping one OM1n for a an Oly RF, and i can't outlay the dough to get another camera), the 28/3.5, 50/3.5macro, 50/1.8MC & 50/1.4mc, 200/4 zuikos and oly 2xa TC, T32 w/ lumiquest softbox, bogen 3221/3030, and roughly 45 rolls of fujicolor NPH. when i was in london this summer, i figured on a burn rate of a roll a day.. i ended up going 2 rolls a day if i budgeted film! so for HYD (airport code <g>), i'll be planning on 2 rolls a day for 20 days. hmm maybe i should get more film (ouch that's gonna cost!) from B&H. all of it will brought back for develop+scan (which, incidentally, costs more than the film itself!). anyone here from HYD?

I did not know HYD and looked it up. Hyderabad, India. The site I found it on said be prepared to wait. Way over loaded facility with lots of arrivals and only 2 or 3 customs agents to check everthing. Good luck with your pile of film and camera equipment.

Long Beach, California, USA

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