[OM] OM-4Ti "problem"

Subject: [OM] OM-4Ti "problem"
From: petertje@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:19:57 +0200

I was just about to leave for a pool billiart tournament with my OM-4Ti, 90mm 
and B-300, no flash but HP5 pushed to 1600, when I noticed a weird problem with 
the body.  Left it home, took my spare OM-3 and crapped out whole series of 
shots because I'm too darn used to half-automatic now :-S  I can't believe how 
stupid I've been.

I thought there was something funny going on when the mirror went up, but the 
shutter curtains didn't budge.  Just like when the self-timer is on, but 
without the beeps.  *Obviously* this is normal behaviour for a camera with an 
electronically controlled shutter... when the batteries are dead.  Having used 
all-mechanical OMs for over 10 years before the 2 years with this OM-4Ti, I 
never actually encountered this behaviour: when the battery check light started 
strobing, I'd exchange the batteries and that's it.

It's the second time I thought that I'd abused this body past the breaking 
point, and it proved me more stupid than its designer :-)  Maybe I'd better 
cancel my plans for 6x6 and go straight to a digicam cell phone instead :-)


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