Re: [OM] [OT] A New EB*Y Twist

Subject: Re: [OM] [OT] A New EB*Y Twist
From: andrew fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:53:53 +1100
3 0f only. I have had a listing bounced because I had the nerve to ask up front for a 50remium on Paypal transactions. I calculated that on some transactions. PP cost me around 80f the net. Note that it charges me an extra 10n incoming because I have the cheek to live overseas, even if I respend the money in the US as I usually do. Plus it won't confirm my address even after a large number of successful transactions. I list on uberbay US because if I list locally in Aus., the larger US market does not see my listing unless they bother to do a worldwide search. Sites are parochial on a simple search. The one time I listed on the local site, I lost several hundred as I got very few overseas bids. Consequently I'm trapped by an adherence to California law, even tho' PP is elsewhere, my money is in cyberspace and I've sold to the UK. Bizarre. From the rather byzantine threat I received, I believe that it is legal to ask for a premium to cover some currency conversion costs - it requires a wording that makes it clear that the surcharge is NOT for the actual credit card transaction itself. It doesn't have to be true - just clear. A statement like - "Paypal accepted - but please contact first for special conditions." If bidders object to a charge, point out that any other method would require them to pay for the fees - Bidpay for instance. I've never had a bidder object to an additional Paypal charge.

The auction site *does* allow UK sellers to pass on the Paypal on-cost to UK buyers. As Tom has found, and mentioned, I believe it
is better practice to swallow the 3%.

I assume the reason the exception is made is partly because UK Paypal account holders cannot credit their Paypal accounts from a bank account, only from a credit card (or sales via Paypal). Equally, Paypal will not confirm addresses outside the USA. It is a bit frustrating when US sellers announce that they sell worldwide, but only ship to confirmed addresses, and do not accept credit
card payments into Paypal!


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