Re: [OM] Odd OM macro lenses in local Jessops (UK)

Subject: Re: [OM] Odd OM macro lenses in local Jessops (UK)
From: "Walt Wayman" <hiwayman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:12:51 -0500
Well, technically, being really nit-picky about it, the 38/2.8 can 
be mounted directly on a camera.  I don't know about the 20/2.  
That's the only one of the lot I don't have.  :-)

And I didn't pay those prices for any of them.


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From: Duncan Paterson <paterson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:  Fri, 28 Nov 2003 15:50:37 +0100

>All of them are listed in e-SIF. Look in the lens group under 
>the "Bellows" heading. None of them, with the exception of the
>90/f2, can be mounted directly on a camera body. They're all out 
>of my price range too.
>At 15:33 28/11/03, you wrote:
>>Had a look in the used equipment window of my local Jessops this 
>>lunchtime (Whiteladies Rd, Bristol). They have a selection of 
>>Olympus macro lenses, priced somewhat beyond my reach, and I've 
>>never heard of most of them-they're not in the e-SIF either, 
>>80 f4
>>38 f2,8
>>135 f4,5
>>20 f2      all priced at UKP499
>>90f2       priced at UKP899


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