Re: [OM] dented filter rings

Subject: Re: [OM] dented filter rings
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 20:33:14 -0800
Thanks for all the replies! I was already aware of all the commercial solutions and some of the home versions. What I was mostly looking for was reports of experience with them, and I got some really useful info about real world experience with them.

Bill Hunter's approach and apparatus appeals to me quite a bit. I suppose one could do the same thing with the commercial 'reverse vise expanders' with something on the working faces to conform to the threads and avoid smashing them. The problem with the expanders, and possibly some of the others, is that the front element bulges out into the plane of the threads, so one can't get a good angle on the thread area with the FE in place. And, of course, one can't remove the FE with the dent in the filter ring! Catch 28?

One further question occurs. How malleable are Zuiko rings? Unless they are extremely malleable, pressing the metal out to where I want it, but no further, will end up with the metal springing part way back when the tension is released.

Time to cogitate before taking any action.


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