[OM] Re: eb*y- buying through the eyes of the seller

Subject: [OM] Re: eb*y- buying through the eyes of the seller
From: "Tom Scales" <tscales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 05:29:42 -0500

Working great would in no way include that much slop in the lens.  I
recently sold a very nice 50/3.5 Macro for well under $100 BECAUSE it had
slop in the focus. I was very upfront about the problem and adjusted the
price to allow for either a bargain or a repair.

His claim that he is a professional means that he KNOWS that he is ripping
you off.


> Hi:
> This could be a topic for us to share some stories- I also could use some
experienced opinions on a current purchase that I am trying to resolve.
> I bid on a Zuiko 24mmf2.8 on eb*y that was described thus-
> "Olympus Zuiko 24mm Wide Angle Lens.Glass in Excellent condition! The
focus, aperture and depth of field are all working great!"
> I 'won' it at a very good price of $96.00 on Nov 18, and finally received
it Dec 23 or 27 anyway that was slowwwww! The problem is that although the
glass is fine and the lens works, the focus ring is very sloppy, it moves
almost 1/4" until it 'connects' to focus up or down, it does focus but the
play in the mechanism is not only annoying it makes quick adjustment very
trying. A camera store that deals in OM quoted $75. CDN (about $50 USD) to
repair it. I asked the seller to consider helping with the cost and got
quite a return reply. He is a 'professional' who has used the lens and I am
being acused of being a 'picky collecter' and if I want it to 'factory
standards' that I can pay for all of it myself. (hence the subject title).
So tell me learned friends, regardless of the bid,  if advertised as
'working great' is it unreasonable on my part to expect that it is? Is that
much play in the focus acceptable?
> Thanks Gord

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