[OM] Films - was:Everdon Northamptonshire

Subject: [OM] Films - was:Everdon Northamptonshire
From: gries@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 15:58:35 -0600
Amen, brother Schnozz.  PanF is really an outstanding film if you can get used 
to the speed.  it's on the slow side, but when you make an 11x14 from this you 
will be blown away!

I also have to admit that Ag turned me on to the Delta 400.  I'm much more of a 
Tri-X man, but the Delta far exceeds its big yellow counterpart.  Developed in 
DD-X it has a nice grain structure and excellent acuity.

The next two bricks I will buy will be PanF and some K64.  I've been using the 
AstiaF with good results, but that K64 is just so sharp!  The antiquated color 
palette doesn't do much for me, but there are some days (like today) that K64 
was made for...  enough staring out the window.  I need to get back to work!


> Otherwise, it's PanF+ and Delta 400 for me.
> AG-Schnozz

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