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Subject: [OM] Re: B&W developing and stuff...
From: "Earl Dunbar" <edunbar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 22:51:22 -0500
I recently purchased a canvas cloth (I could have gotten a plastic one, but I 
liked the look/feel of the canvas) "wardrobe", the kind you hang in a closet or 
attic to store clothes for more permanent storage.  I bought the $19.95USD unit 
because it had three hanger hooks on top instead of two.  I haven't even taken 
it out of its wrapping yet to figure out if/how I need to adapt it, but I 
figured it was an enclosure that was already made up, saved me time and wasn't 
expensive.  Bought mine at Bed Bath 'n' Beyond and had a 15% off coupon, but 
I'm sure they can be had elsewhere for the same amount or less.


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On 1/20/2004 at 8:08 PM JMeyers102@xxxxxxx wrote:

>In a message dated 1/20/04 5:15:48 PM, d1956m198d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
><< All this talk of developer and HP5 and Tri-X has got me all fired up,
>out my developing gear and ordered up some chemicals.
>However, I remember my main problem being drying the films. This is a 
>pretty dusty environment. How do you regular 'soupers' dry the film?
> >>
>When I started developing my own B&W film about 4 years ago, I was hanging 
>them in a dusty area, too, and quickly realized that I needed something
>I looked at the commercially available film dryers--the tall ones that
>on the wall that have a heating element, and perhaps a fan too, at the
>found them to be way too expensive.  So I decided to make one myself, 
>although without any heating element or fan.  I'll do my best to describe
>how I made 
>my 'drying closet', in case you'd like to make one.
>You'll need:
>-a shower curtain (I used a clear one from Target)
>-some 1x2" wood
>-furnace air filter
>-screw eyes
>First, cut the height of the shower curtain so it is slightly more than
>length of a roll of film. Then make 2 identical frames with the wood. Mine
>8 x 12", but you could make yours another size if you like. The perimeter
>these frames is 40", so cut the length of the shower curtain to 1" or 1
>more than that measurement, so to about 41 1/2".  Now, imagine that you
>had a 
>cylinder that was 40" in diameter, and the height of your shower curtain.
>you wrapped this cylinder in the shower curtain, the ends of the curtain
>overlap by that extra 1 1/2". So place long strips of velcro at each end
>the shower curtain so that they would meet if the curtain were rolled
>such a cylinder. Now, instead of the cylinder, you have rectangular frames
>each end of the shower curtain will "roll" around. Staple the curtain
>using a 
>staple gun on 3 sides of each frame, with that extra 1 1/2" on the 4th
>where one strip of velcro is facing out.  Then what you have left is the 
>remainder of the shower curtain to act as a flap to close the open fourth
>side, with 
>velcro on the inside edge of that piece. Also put velcro on each frame's
>4th side, plus on that flap of curtain, so that that it can be sealed at
>and bottom as well as along the long side.
>Then string a few lengths of wire across the inside width of the top
>attached with the screw eyes.  This is what you will hang your film from. 
>cut 8 x 12" pieces of the furnace filter to fit over the open sides of
>frame, and staple into place.  These will let air pass through, but will
>out dust--at least most of it.  Finally, using screw eyes, attach a length
>picture wire to the outside of the top frame so you can hang it from
>There it is, a long rectangular closet made from a shower curtain.  It can
>rolled up loosely when not in use for out of the way storage as well.
>I hope this description is not too difficult to understand.  My execution
>this 'drying closet' is not the prettiest, but it works.  It's a bit 
>cumbersome opening and closing the long velcro strips, because the whole
>thing swings 
>around a bit from the hook that it is hanging on.  But my films dry very 
>cleanly. Much, much better than before, when I was hanging them in the
>open.  Also, 
>seal the wood with some kind of sealer so it lasts.
>If anyone has any further questions about this. Email me offline and I'll
>my best to answer them.
>Coming out of lurk mode,
>John Meyers 
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