[OM] Will Olympus America provide OM to E-1 adapters... free or otherwi

Subject: [OM] Will Olympus America provide OM to E-1 adapters... free or otherwise
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:42:00 -0500
I sent the following email to Olympus America this morning.  I will 
advise of any reply that I receive.  If Oly America were to give a free 
adapter here as they are doing in Japan it would significantly close the 
gap (for me) between the price of an E-1 and a 10D.  The Kindai OM to 
EOS adapter that CH Ling uses has been increasing in price.  Along with 
a significant reduction in the value of the dollar the adapter is now 
well over USD 200.

Chuck Norcutt

I have been considering purchasing an E-1 along with a 14-54mm zoom. 
However, I have a considerable investment in OM gear and would like to 
use my bellows, slide copier, macro lenses, long telephotos, etc. on the 
E-1 until I can afford or Olympus produces a full range of system 

Olympus Japan has recently been providing OM to E-1 adapters free of 
charge to E-1 owners in Japan.  According to Olympus Japan customer 
support the decision to make the adapter available in the US is a 
decision that must be made by Olympus America.

My question is:  Will Olympus America make OM to E-1 adapters available 
to E-1 owners in the US?  If so, when and at what cost?

Be advised that I can purchase such an adapter for the Canon EOS system 
for Kindai Corp. in Japan.  I am in the market now for a quality DSLR 
which will accept my OM lenses and accessories.  If Olympus America can 
or will not support me I have no alternative other than to move to Canon.

Following is the text of a communication I had from Olympus Japan 
advising me to contact you.

Thanks you,
Chuck Norcutt
Woburn, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Chuck Norcutt,

Thank you for your reply.

Originally, the OM lens had not been provided intended to use for a 
digital camera. The combination of the OM lense and E-1 may not 
demonstrate their true abilities depending on settings of aperture or 
the combination of particular lens and E-1.

We are unable to sell a product which may not operate properly. 
Therefore, we had decided not to sell the adapter for the OM lens. 
However, we provide the Four Thirds mount Adapter for the OM lens to E-1 
customers in Japan free of charge, since we have received so many
requests for the lens adapter for E-1.

OLYMPUS Tokyo delegates service, sales and marketing activities outside 
Japan to our local distributor or representative. Our accessories and 
products which are dealt in each country are decided by them. 
Therefore, we are unable to inform you of the reason why the adapter is 
not available in your country.

We would like you to contact our distributor in your country.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Manabu Oikawa
Customer Support Center

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