[OM] Re: Deep Regrets... OM System for sale!

Subject: [OM] Re: Deep Regrets... OM System for sale!
From: ClassicVW@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 06:59:10 EST

If at all possible, don't sell it! If you really need the cash, then sell 
some of it, but certainly not all of it. Find something else to sell. Later on 
when your cash flow has straightened out, you WILL miss the gear, and may start 
buying it again.

I sold my OM gear when I was worried about my "middle-aged" eyes making it 
difficult to focus. I also had a few inferior purchases on eBay and was feeling 
that there'd be a shortage of nice OM gear, that it was all aging too fast. 
You could say I panicked and sold everything. I also felt I was using the E-10 
so much that I was going to go digital and not look back. Well, it didn't 
happen that way. Faster isn't better. There just isn't, for me, that same nice, 
positive feedback from using a digital. I had always wanted to get into Leica 
gear, and so I did in a big way. That lasted about a year, and I hated it. I 
couldn't stand all the very vocal, pretentious dentists that only fondle 
their gear, but tell everyone else what they should be doing with _their_ gear. 
There's nothing better on the 'net, IMO, than the community we have here on the 
Olympus list. Sure, we may go off on long detours about SUVs and digitals and 
haggis, but when it's all over with, we're still friends.  I still use 
digital, but for enjoyment, you can't beat the Olympus OM system. I missed the 
OMs A 
LOT. So much so, I bought what I had sold back. ( not the exact same pieces, 
but you know what I mean ) This time, I went more for primes than zooms. 

George S.

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