[OM] Re: Strange problem with OM-4 Ti - dark left border on some photos

Subject: [OM] Re: Strange problem with OM-4 Ti - dark left border on some photos
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 23:03:18 -0700
Have you checked the correlation with shutter speed? I have an OM-4 
which exhibits exactly the behavior you describe with one exception. The 
size of the blacked out portion varies with shutter speed. 
Unfortunately, this behavior showed up on a roll where I didn't keep 
track of shutter speed, but from the particular frames with the problem 
and my recollection of the shots, it seems pretty clear that  more is 
blacked out at higher speeds. I'm guessing it starts at about 1/250, 
certainly no effect at 1/60 and below.

I've assumed that it is a curtain timing/speed problem that would be 
fixed with a CLA.

Bernard Frangoulis wrote:

>I have been having a strange problem with my OM-4 Ti for some months.
>In some pictures, the left side (or the bottom side for vertical 
>shots) is dark. This affects about 10-15 % of the picture field. The 
>limit between the dark and the unaffected part is gradual, blurred 
>(as in a graduated filter).
>The occurrence of this phenomenon appears to be random. In some 
>rolls, not a single photo is affected, while in others, up to half of 
>them are touched.............

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