[OM] Re: OT For the 4X4 Listees

Subject: [OM] Re: OT For the 4X4 Listees
From: "Wayne Culberson" <waynecul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 08:35:32 -0400

> > AG Schnozz <agschnozz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > > .Hmmm... I'm still paying well north of $2.20 around here.
> > > Something
> > > like $2.40+
> >
> > Ouch!  Yesterday I tanked up for $1.68 a gallon.
> >
> How many litres in them US Gallons ?
> ...Wayne
> (paying about $AU0.95/litre at the moment

I think there is about 3.78 litres in a US gallon, and about 4.54 litres in
an Imperial gallon. I buy most of my gas in the US, at about 67cents Can.
per litre ($2.08US per US gallon)  for regular grade right now. It is a bit
confusing, but thankfully the gas stations here price it in both US dollars
per US gallon, and Canadian dollars (cents) per litre, for us. It's about 20
cents per litre higher on my side of the border. Where I live, crossing the
US Canadian border is basically a 5 to 10 second stop at customs to say
hello, for us locals.

Before all you Canadians jump on me for buying in the US, remember, I think
Canada was the single biggest foreign supplier of oil to the US last year.
Also, a good portion of the gas outlets in Maine, US are owned by a New
Brunswick, Canadian company, Irving's. There is lots of oil in the tar sands
of western Canada, a bit expensive to get out, but must be feasible at these
prices I guess. I read somewhere we have more oil in the tar sands than
Saudi has, but could be mistaken. I'm sure there is enough statements in
this email by now to keep listees sending corrections for a month :-).

Non totally-OT content: Maine has some excellent photo sites, so I sometimes
import pics from there when I return :-). I saw this week at Marden's in
Calais, Maine, the US salvage store outlet here, has Kodachrome 64 in 24exp.
for about $3 per roll. Has Kodachrome 64 just become salvage now?


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