[OM] Re: I've Waited Long Enough (Long post, only for the brave)

Subject: [OM] Re: I've Waited Long Enough (Long post, only for the brave)
From: Skip Williams <om2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 14:20:56 -0500
>1. I find myself wanting to take more and more photos at night, or in 
>low light conditions.  The meter in my camera does not do well when it 
>must be read against a dark sky background (nearly impossible).  Does 
>anybody have any reccomendations for a light meter model that is 
>economical and well suited to night/low light photography?  I have been 
>thinking about the Sekonic L-558, despite the steep price (cheapest i 
>found was around $420), it seems to have the highest sensitivity and 
>includes a built in spotmeter.  Compared to the minolta's spotmeter 
>attachment that I found to be very unsolid and ready to break away at 
>any moment.

Answser A: Get a Kodak pocket photoguide, which gives nice estimates for 
exposures for nightime shots.
Answer B: Buy a used Gossen Super Pilot or Luna-Pro or some other such meter 
for $30-60 and use that before plunking down big bucks for the latest wiz-bang 
Sekonic meter.  The Sekonic is nice, but you can easily find more 
cost-effective solutions.  
Answer C: Bracket a lot, which you'll need to do anyway.

>2.  Along with the above problem is the weight of a tripod required for 
>steadying the camera in low light situations.  How much stability does 
>a monopod actually provide?  Does it permit exposures of a second or 
>more, or is it only to allow a few more stops less than handheld? Is a 
>monopod worth lugging around, or is it better to go with a tripod or 
>stick to trees, buildings, etc.?  Any suggestions for models, heads, 

Buy a used, all-metal Tiltall or a Star-D copy, which are almost 
industructable.   That will serve you well with limited funds.  Like this: 

>3.  Are there any sources for the mercury batteries used in the OM-1?

They're increasingly hard to find.  If the camera doesn't need a CLA, get one 
of the CRIS adapters or buy Wein zinc-air cells, which last about 6-mo each.

>4.  Being in a large city, I have been craving wide angle capability 
>since arriving here.  I have been waiting and hoping for something to 
>turn up at the flea market or elsewhere, but I have reached the end of 
>my rope.  Does anybody have a spare or unused wide angle zuiko they 
>would like to sell?  On a long shot; does anybody have a spare or 
>unused lightmeter they would like to put for sale?

Zuiko 28/3.5's shoulc be very, very cheap on Ebay and area a great starter wide 
angle.  I see one sold for $10 recently.

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