[OM] Re: Why do digital cameras have a shutter?

Subject: [OM] Re: Why do digital cameras have a shutter?
From: "Simon Worby" <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 09:49:17 -0000
Winsor Crosby wrote:

> Assuming that you could get an LCD or similar imaging system that
> accurately represented the information recorded by the sensor it
> would be ideal. That is the image you are going to get, not something
> that looks like what you see. The problems with LCDs type EVFs is that
> they are not very high quality yet. <snip>

Not only is the quality poor; the other problem is that there's a
significant delay.

And furthermore, you'll lose any chance you ever had of manual
focussing. Without some kind of focussing screen (i.e. not even a matte
area, let alone split prism or microprisims) it's impossible (IMX).


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