[OM] Re: My New Super-Duper "Minimal" Kit Idea

Subject: [OM] Re: My New Super-Duper "Minimal" Kit Idea
From: Rob Harrison <robhar@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 18:30:28 -0800
LOL - I was amazed myself--and the 35 shift was newly CLA'd by Clint! I
think it's that L*ica bug he's been bitten by. I'm really pleased with what
I'm seeing through the viewfinder with both lenses. Can't wait to get the
first roll back. 

Odd that it's taken me this long to realize there are some times the 24
shift (or 28 N*kkor PC I'd used prior to the Zuiko 24) can be too wide...


On 2/11/05 2:02 PM, "AG Schnozz" <agschnozz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> OK, so I just got two amazing, beautiful new Zuikos from Bob
>> Gries, an 18/3.5 and a 35/2.8 shift.
> Bob sold you WHAT?  I can't believe he parted with that shift
> lens!
> The whole world is about to come to an end.

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