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Subject: [OM] Re: website
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 18:23:38 +0000
Nice Adam.  I am particularly enamoured of the Patagonian shots.  Cerro 
Torre at Dawn is a poster on sale and making a mint.  it is utterly 


On 24 Feb 2005, at 20:27, Adam Long wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I've mostly been in lurk mode recently, but have just got a new 
> website up. I'm trying to take it a bit more seriously (ie make some 
> money!) so the site reflects that, but any advice/ constructive 
> criticism would be welcomed. Almost all of the pictures were shot on 
> either an OM4ti or OM1n - enjoy!
> One thing I know already - if you're not in 800x600 (wnich I guess 
> most of you aren't) - the pictures are too small! - I'm working on 
> it!!!
> Cheers,
> Adam Long
> www.adamlong.co.uk

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