[OM] Re: Still in the fold - new E1

Subject: [OM] Re: Still in the fold - new E1
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 18:30:36 +0000
Congrats Barry, and you know it's the right one because you carried out 
a fair amount of research  before buying the camera.  Try and see how 
close you can get with the 14-54;  I know that we all need the 50/2 
macro, but the standard lens is pretty good nonetheless.


On 25 Feb 2005, at 05:41, Barry B. Bean wrote:

> Long story short: Walked  into the camera shop thinking I would be 
> buying a Canon 20d and walked out with an E1.
> Long story less long: When I had the opportunity to actually handle 
> the D70, 20D, and E1, it became clear that the 20D and the E1 were 
> professional
> cameras and the D70 was a nice body, but not in the same league. A 
> little more handling and reviewing, and I realized that if I took 
> resolution out of the p
> icture, the E-1 was the clear choice for a guy with 25+ years and 
> thousands of dollars invested in Oly bodies and Zuiko glass. Throw in 
> the fact that the E-1
> and a 14-54 ran roughly $100 more than the 20D body, and roughly half 
> of what the 20D and a comparable zoom would run, and I was there. I 
> could run off
> another half dozen reasons, but the crux of the matter is that I'm the 
> proud owner of an E1. Woo hoo!
> I've only had the camera for 24 hours and haven't yet had a chance to 
> shoot much more than the inside of a hotel room, but a couple of 
> things I've already
> noticed are:
> 1) The Oly software crashed my laptop. Not sure what that's all about.
> 2) If you must have a zoom, 28-108 is a nice range (but I already 
> *need* a macro and a 300)
> 3) The interface really is intuitive
> 4) It didn't seem that big in the store next to the 20D and D70, but 
> compared with my trusty OM-4Ti, this thing is HUGE! I may have to get 
> a bigger SUV or a
> trailer just to hault it around. I can't believe I own a wonderbrick.
> More when I get a chance to put this thing through its paces.

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