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Subject: [OM] Re: Info on Control Grip 1 and Electronic Flash Power Grip 2, and Macro ...
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:43:00 EST
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I also  would like info on what I need to use the auto 80 f4 and 50 3.5 Macro 
lenses. I understand there is a bellows  unit and slide copier but I  have no 
idea about other parts and cables that would be  required.

Orin, this will get you started. Put the 50mm f3.5 on one of your OM bodies  
and go out and discover what it will do.  Many use it as their "normal"  lens. 
The extension tubes are used to allow you to focus closer with essentially  
any lens than would be possible without the tube.  So, if a lens would  
normally focus to 18 inches, it will focus closer when you use an extension 
tube  or 
a combination of tubes.  It will also require a long exposure, however  each 
of you cameras has a meter, so, no problem.  Try using a tube (or  tubes) with 
some of your medium telephoto lenses (85 to 135mm length) when  doing insects 
on flowers.  You won't have to get as close as you would  if using the shorter 
lenses.  I almost always have a set of tubes in my  kit.  When using the 
tubes, you will not be able to focus on infinity ( I  believe that is correct, 
give it a try).
The 80mm will require a bellows or Telescoping auto extension tube. With  the 
bellows you will want a double cable release.  There is a slide  duplicator 
available for use with the bellows.  All of these turn up on  eBay.  You may 
also post a WTB message on the list.  This is  often a good place to find what 
you want or need.   Just start your  subject line with WTB and then let folks 
know what you are looking for in the  body of your message.  There are several 
people (myself included) on the  list who buy, sell and trade in stuff OM.
"The OM System Lens Handbook" an Olympus publication,  "The World of  
OM-Systems" by Franz Pangerl and "The Olympus OM Way" by L.A. Mannheim are all  
reference resources.  Keep am eye out for any or all of the  three.   
"Photography" by Barbara London, et al. is also a good basic  photography 
Bill Barber

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