[OM] OM list intro & questions

Subject: [OM] OM list intro & questions
From: Russ Butler <russ@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 10:37:33 -0500
I've been lurking here for a few weeks as my interest in OM cameras has 
been rekindled. Very glad to find such a fine list. Figured I should say 
hello & pick some brains.

A tad of history: I bought an OM-2n in 1981 along with a 28-48, an 85 f2 
& a T20. Used them steadily for ~5 years iirc, then just about a roll a 
year until this fall. Then a task arose that needed visual 
documentation. (Cataloging & packing away a houseful of my parents 
stuff.) My wife has several (non SLR) digital cameras and while I'm 
adept with keyboard and mouse, I wasn't quite ready for the mini/micro 
menus and myriad of controls that digital cameras 'offer' even though 
I'd get to see/re-do the pics. I recalled that the 2n worked well so I 
dusted it off and went at it. And I've been very pleased with the results.

With my 2n tied up as a necessary part of 'the job', I thought I ought 
to get a spare 'just in case'. Then the ebay trouble began. Got a spare 
2n. Then a little reading on the excellent olympus.dementia.org site. 
Wonder what the 1's are like? How about the 2s and maybe a lens or two 
(I wish!) and a T32 ... So I got infected/addicted and haven't found a 
12-step program yet. Certainly not this list.

Finally the questions: I/we spend most of the good weather months 
touring the US and Canada on a motorcycle. (I'm not rich but retired, 
guess that is rich!). We've used various Stylus' over the years with 
good results, even on the fly. This season I'll pack an OM for pics off 
the bike.

Question is which one (1n, 2n, or 2s) will hold up best to the jostling?
(My bikes are pretty smooth but there is a bit more vibration than in a 
car. The camera will be well packed & I've purposely bought a few that 
are cosmetically challenged. You can understand my 'reasoning' for 
multiple purchases: use on bike, use at home, too pretty to use, ... 
Also please don't recommend a 3 or 4 as the wallet is in recovery from 
the binging.)

And lens(es)? Space is very limited, as we carry all that's required for 
arbitrarily long trips, so the fewer/less volume the better. Choices of 
lenses in 'use on bike' quality are (too many): 28, 50, 100, 135, 35-70, 
28-70(tokina), 35-105, 28-200(tamron), & a vivitar 2X. I tend toward 
just the 28-200 but am all ears, especially as to robustness.

TIA for reading this far and any and all replies.

Russ Butler (NJ USA)

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