[OM] Question for agschnozz

Subject: [OM] Question for agschnozz
From: GFaulk7376@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 19:22:06 EST
How about an update on the Coolscan V? I was hoping you might post some of 
your excellent work flow suggestions on the use of this scanner. I think you 
also use Vuescan. Why am I so interested? I purchased the same scanner in late 
December to replace the scanner my daughter borrowed/stole from me. I also 
purchased Vuescan in January. I've been traveling so much over the last 6 weeks 
was my hope to borrow/steal some of your methods for good scans. As for what I 
have scanned, the results seem pretty good. Thanks in advance!

Gary Faulkenberry

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