[OM] Solar eclipse photo advice

Subject: [OM] Solar eclipse photo advice
From: "Piers Hemy" <piers@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 18:48:19 -0000
An eclipse is coming up in four weeks time.  Those rsident in northern S.
America, North Africa, Turkey, Caucasus and  Central Asia have a treat in
store.  As have those planning to make a trip...

I have got hold of a couple of books by esteemed list member Michael
Covington, as well as the NASA GFSC data book on this eclipse.  All are very
strongly recommended (and are an interesting read even in isolation).

I plan on using a 500mm mirror lens with 2x converter, and two bodies loaded
with 100ASA slide film - Provia or Astia - swapping the bodies when the film
ends.  I will use motor drives, and possibly the Quartz Remote Control.  I
have already run a couple of test films to check the exposure for the
full-disk sun (we had some over the weekend!) and a few questions arise.  I
know there is astrophoto experience (and expertise!) here, and am hoping
there is solar experience too.  Aside from the extreme time constraits, here
is what is bugging me:

There will be 3.5 minutes of totality - is it going to be practical to
handle two bodies and a digital camcorder piggy backed on the same tripod -
will vibration from the still camera rule out the digicam - or will I simply
not have time to do both?

I am using Baader Astrosolar solar filter material (it looks like Mylar
space blankets) which seems to give a very cool image. Any thoughts on using
either a yellow or orange filter?!

Any other hints from practical (bitter?) experience very welcome.  And yes,
I have thought of the possibility of cloud cover.  Don't know what to do
about it, though! 


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