[OM] Re: Oly Odessey back in New England

Subject: [OM] Re: Oly Odessey back in New England
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 17:42:58 -0800
usher99@xxxxxxx wrote:

>Can you lock the mirror  with the OM-1?  I've seen in the archives that there 
>was a general consensus that the self timer may induce less vibration than a 
>cable release.  
Yes, there is a mirror lock-up lever on the side of the lens mount 
protrusion, just above the self timer.

BUT, use of mirror lock-up, tripod and either self-timer or remote 
release is NOT the best way to get shots unaffected by camera mechanism 
induced vibration.

Oly says over and over, for every lens longer than 50mm:
"Also, to prevent camera shake:
When using a tripod, hold the camera steady with both hands and press 
the shutter release with the ball of finger, not with the cable release."

Gary's tests bore out the truth of this. Although he didn't use the Oly 
recommended "wetware damping", because of problems of repeatability, he 
did find that the OM-1 with mirror lock-up is quite a bit less 
effective, even on a big, sturdy tripod with its legs frozen into the 
ice of a hockey rink, than the combined mirror lock up and aperture 
mechanism pre-fire of the OM-4, OMPC and OM2000.

You are probably remembering reading about this feature of some later 
bodies, which is indeed operated by the self-timer. For the OM-1, the 
Oly recommended technique really does work for most people/situations. 
If that is impractical or you have a tremor, drape a bag filled with 
something heavy and consisting of small particles, sand, birdshot, etc,. 
over camera body AND lens, so that it damps vibration in and between 
both parts.

Although weight is the biggest reason people give for carbon fiber 
tripods, their other big advantage is that they tend to damp vibration, 
where metal ones often sustain up sympathetic vibrations from camera 
vibration and/or wind.


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