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From: "Martyn Smoothy" <mds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 23:08:36 -0000

Think you're being over critical about B&W on flat panel monitors (at least
as a generalisation) - been viewing you stuff whenever posted over the past
year on an LCD & they all looked pretty good to me. Though there is a lot of
variation between models (the HP monitor I use at work really is crap
compared to the ViewSonic one I have at home).

Regards - Martyn Smoothy

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Hi Joel,

I was blissfully unaware of how crappy some/all of my shots looked on flat
screen monitors until the computers at work were upgraded (?). Slight
in the sky on a conventional monitor looked like Lego on a flat screen.

Now I too have an LCD monitor and although colour scans like a dream b&w is
proving more difficult. There have been moments when I have thought that I
may have to abandon my preference for b&w and switch to colour for all my

This shot was already on my site at 600 x 400 so I decided to rescan and
post at 800 x 533. I had three attempts at getting it right and although I
am happy with it now I have no confidence that I could repeat the procedure


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> On 2/27/06, GeeBee <graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Barry,
>> I had a Photosmart S20 and was intending to get a Minolta 5400 but all of
>> the web sites that were advertising the Minolta were unable to supply
>> one.
>> Apparently "Minolta is being taken over by Sony and stocks are not being
>> replaced" so I bought a Nikon Coolscan V.
>> The Nikon needed better than Windows 98 so I bit the bullet and replaced
>> the
>> PC too. I hate the look of b&w on the flat screen monitors (grainy plus
>> radio-active highlights) and find it difficult to get it right.but the
>> colour stuff seems much easier.
>> Thanks for looking.
>> --Graham
> Hi Graham,
> Glad you're back in the land of scanning again, though I know what
> upheaval it is to get going with a new piece of machinery like that.
> I wonder if a second marriage might not be easier (but I'm not going
> there ...)
> When you say "flat screen monitor" do you mean an LCD?  I'm curious as
> I've been thinking about getting an LCD, though my 19" Dell CRT at
> home is fine.  The LCDs are all over the place at work and have gotten
> much better through the years, but I hadn't thought about how they
> render BW until you mentioned it.
> Joel W.
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