[OM] Re: Manrfotto 410 question

Subject: [OM] Re: Manrfotto 410 question
From: "Bill Pearce" <bs.pearce@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 12:00:15 -0600
> So is the purpose of the modification to use smaller QR plates mainly
> to standardize on one set of plates, or to avoid getting into yet
> another style of Bogen plates, or because these Bogen plates are
> especially problematic in shifting between plates attached to cameras,
> MDs, and tripod mounts?  All the above?
The QR plate on this head is quite large, and the attachment, while safe, is 
to me hard to operate.

> If I am successfully living with the hex QR plates (the enormous ones)
> that work in a 3047 head, am I likely to be anxious to pursue the
> Cullman or AS mod?  I don't think so, right?
If you are comfortable with it, there's no reason to do anything else.

> If I thought the 410 with native plates were going to improve things,
> especially for hands-on-camera shots, I might be quite interested in
> it.  But I certainly wouldn't go there with the notion of having to
> modify it to take a different set of plates.
A gear head is a very different animal than a pan-tilt or a ball head. I 
prefer it, as some others do, as an alternative to a ball head. It is good 
for studio shots and landscapes, where quick changes are not required.

> I don't mean these questions to sound critical of the discussion.  I
> hope they don't come across that way.  I've just sort of lost the
> sense in the thread about why the 410 is liked while its QR plates
> pose problems.
Actually, a good observation, requireing an explanation on my part. If all I 
were shooting were OM's, I might overcome my aversion for the plate, which I 
think is only fractionally smaller than a large dinner plate, when attached 
to a small camera.

My big problem is that I use the Hasselblad on the tripod the most. The 
bottom of the 'blad has it's own fitting for a QR, so adding something to it 
often makes things worse rather than better. I have a QR from Perfected 
Photo Products that takes the Hasselblad as is, and several smaller plates 
for my other cameras. For me, I want a head with either no QR (I think 
multiple QR systems on one head lead to unsteadyness) or one that mates to 
the 'blad. An option would be a Kirk system and a replacement foot that is 
available for the 'blad, but that means a lot more money, and still doubling 
up on the QR system.

What I think is insane is the variety of QR systems from manfrotto. I dearly 
love Italians and Italy, but this part makes me crazy.

Perhaps a subject for an opera?

Bill Pearce 

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