[OM] Re: O Possum, where are thou?

Subject: [OM] Re: O Possum, where are thou?
From: "Paul Laughlin" <pelaughlin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 20:44:33 -0800

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  Possum (opossum) were imported here (Sedro Woolley and Camano Island)
  about 1925 by the Tarheels who brought their aquired taste for them when
  they imigrated. They have now spread south at least to the Wilamette
  Valley and north of the Frasier River BC.

  I was always told that the young men in theCCC's from the south, brought them 
out here and turned loose their breeding stock when they left to go back home.
  Paul in Portland OR
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