[OM] Re: Digital decisions

Subject: [OM] Re: Digital decisions
From: Wayne S <om4t@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 10:32:32 -0500
I can't say I ever found the 800 ISO on the E-1 to be acceptable. That
seems generous. Perhaps compared to film it is, but compared to what
other DSLR's can do at  800 I don't find it acceptable and was one
of the main factors for me switching from the E-1. That and other
poor performance in low light situations. I have some people shots
I took at 800 in low light and they are terrible and un-usable. If you need
to take low light photos, especially at events, the E-1 focus and noise
will bit hit or miss.

However, the ergonomics of the E-1 I think are the best of any camera
I have ever used. I can hold it all day with little strain. Not so with the
OM4t+grip 1 or the Canon 5D.  If I were on a tight budget, an E-1 in
that price range would be very attractive. Comparing 12.8mp Canon 5D,
the sharpness of the E-1 shots look pretty good. Somewhere between
5 and 12mp I think my technique limits the shot. I also wonder if the
auto-focus step size resolution isn't better on the E lenses compared
to Canon glass. Critical focus is very important. A camera with a good
viewfinder is essential, even if auto-focus is used. The E-1 viewfinder
is quite good in that regard. The viewfinder is probably one of the most
over-looked features when evaluating a camera. No camera, no matter
the lens or the megapixels matters if you can't see what you are taking
a picture of, IMO.


At 11:03 PM 3/6/2006, Joel wrote:

>The E-1 is completely acceptable to ISO 800.  If you have shot film in
>that range, you will be blown away at what it can do by comparison. 
>I've gotten some shots at ISO 1600 that I am very happy with from the
>E-1.  However, I learned digital lore shooting a C8080.  I thought the
>noise was sort of akin to grain (I didn't know it was actually noise)
>and it gave the photos some tooth, in my estimation.  The noise was
>inconsequential to any prints I made, which is where the Truth in
>Photography resides for me.  It took me some time to get used to the
>comparative grainlessness of the E-1.  Everything seemed soft and too
>smooth compared to the C8080 at first..  No grain (noise), no reality
>-- that was my experience.

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