[OM] Re: Digital decisions

Subject: [OM] Re: Digital decisions
From: hiwayman@xxxxxxx (Walt Wayman)
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 19:38:08 +0000
Hey, we're 21-6 heading into the SEC tournament.  A win there just might get us 
a #1 seed in the NCAAs.  Our RPI is outrageous.  Go Vols!  The Pearl is a jewel!

And my life does have a purpose: To do nothing that ain't fun unless it's 
something absolutely necessary to keep me out of trouble.


"Anything more than 500 yards from 
the car just isn't photogenic." -- 
Edward Weston

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From: AG Schnozz <agschnozz@xxxxxxxxx>
> > I think AndrewF brought it up (nudge wink) and as he is now a
> > gifted writer-reviewer, nearly retired, I believe, with the
> > need for projects
> And let's not forget Walt.  He's desparately needing purpose in
> his life.  :)
> > P.S. Beat 'em at home  (but beat everybody at home, not too
> > shabby)
> Shame the turnements aren't held at home.
> AG
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