[OM] Re: Digital decisions

Subject: [OM] Re: Digital decisions
From: "Joel Wilcox" <jfwilcox@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 14:34:25 -0600
On 3/8/06, Walt Wayman <hiwayman@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey, we're 21-6 heading into the SEC tournament.  A win there just might get 
> us a #1 seed in the NCAAs.  Our RPI is outrageous.  Go Vols!  The Pearl is a 
> jewel!
> And my life does have a purpose: To do nothing that ain't fun unless it's 
> something absolutely necessary to keep me out of trouble.
> Walt

I'm glad Bruce is working out there.  The University of Iowa has an
interesting sort of (perceived) distinction in the number of
individuals who have gone on to great success -- elsewhere.  Lute
Olson, now Bruce Pearl, many university presidents and faculty, and
the Hayden Fry diaspora is almost astonishing.  I'm sure this is no
different from any other place, but we always seem to be poised for a
break-through that is usually thwarted by the loss of a linchpin
player leaving for greener pastures.  People who always remember their
time at Iowa fondly ...

For the past few years some of us have hoped Steve Alford would also
leave and fulfill his destiny at Indiana, but he's had a good year
this year, finally.  Not quite as good as Bruce's, but we'll take it.

Joel W.
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