[OM] Refurb C-7000

Subject: [OM] Refurb C-7000
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 16:11:04 -0800
I have been wanting something more complex than my Coolpix 5200 and  
the possibility of raw files in a pocketable camera. I had considered  
the Oly C-7000 Zoom, Canon S70 and the Fuji E900. Finally, for a lot  
of small reasons I decided on the Oly. The price as a refurb was  
great. $249 is less than half the original price I think. Lovely  
little camera with a nice titanium like finish the equal of the one  
on the Contax T3 and more controls than I could ever want with this  
kind of camera.

Some of the functions are less than obvious though and even the  
advanced manual is not always a lot of help. Anyone on the list have  
one of these cameras? I am still puzzled as to how to use the  
multispot meter. Maybe someone could explain in baby steps how to do  

All is not bliss. It has a dorky loud shutter sound even at the low  
volume setting. I like some auditory signal that the picture is  
taken, but a discrete little click would be enough or a tiny beep  
like the Coolpix.

Why don't Japanese companies get native language speakers to write  
their manuals?  The Nikon ones are not any better.

Long Beach, California, USA

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