[OM] Re: Zeiss 3d party lenses

Subject: [OM] Re: Zeiss 3d party lenses
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 21:48:30 -0500
There is a film characteristics table at <http://cacreeks.com/films.htm> 
wherein one can see that Johnny is correct.  With very few exceptions, 
all of the color films are rated at 63 lp/mm or lower with many in the 
40-50 lp/mm range.  The exceptions are Old Ektar/Royal 25 which is 
listed at 80 lp/mm and Fuji Velvia which is also listed (by Fuji) at 80 
lp/mm.  A footnote below seems to say about Velvia that they don't 
really believe the Fuji numbers.

The B&W numbers are higher but only the ISO 25 & 40 emulsions manage to 
make it into the 80-90 lp/mm range.

Then, of course, "system" resolution is a function of both film and lens 
and less than the minimum of either.  There's some interesting 
commentary on lens, film and system resolution, contrast and related 
stuff at:  <http://www.imx.nl/photosite/technical/highres.html>

The most interesting point I saw here was a Kodak "rule of thumb" that 
says a lens has to have 3 times the resolution of the film to fully 
exploit the emulsion.  Computing system resolution with a lens having 3 
times the film resolution gets you fairly close to the film resolution 
as the final result.

Chuck Norcutt

Johnny Johnson wrote:

   Even back when I shot Velvia and scanned it
> with a Polaroid SS4000 about the best resolution numbers I saw during 
> lens tests were between 60 and 65 lpmm so I don't think film use is 
> the answer either.  Maybe Moose is right and it is more marketing 
> hype than any kind of practical application.

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